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Turning Travel Professionals into Storytellers

How it Works


Get relevant information from your clients by asking the right questions using our ML & AI tools


Use their answers to curate a collection of powerful travel moments using our global database


Let TraveLab do the rest – booking, pricing, operating – aka all the grunt work you hate to do


Expand your reach globally with our collaborative community and tools
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The All In One Optimization Tool for Travel Professionals


Travel Advisor
  • All in One System - Content, booking, pricing, operations and logistics in a single platform
  • Cutting Edge - Smart yet simple-to-use, easily accessed anytime and anywhere
  • Effective - Lightning fast deal closing and increased productivity
  • Flexible - Build your own database of program and travel highlights or import an existing one
  • Content at your finger tips - Become a confident travel storyteller
  • Bounce Back - Start executing from 0 to 100 in no time for the post-Covid era

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DMC’s/Travel Companies
  • Powerful groups module
  • B2B engine - Collaborate with other companies easily, receive and send offers on behalf of your clients, close deals faster and monetize on your deals across the globe
  • Creating complex itineraries and mini events for groups, missions, and delegations is a breeze
  • Collaborate – Build ad hoc teams to collaborate on shared itineraries or multinational trips
  • Remain fresh and creative using our behind the scene, quality benchmark tool that offers feedback based on content used
  • Instant Packages - Turn your best stories and travel moments into marketable packages at the click of a button

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  • Vendors Portal - Interact seamlessly with your clients via the vendors portal
  • Manage all Bookings - Confirm, change, decline or request at the click of a button
  • Price Management - Control pricing and variations with DMCs you work with
  • Expand your Market - Upload new products or services to the system and instantly reach our global community of users
  • Product Feedback - Get real time feedback on your services and learn which products are more favorable and successful
  • Lightning Fast Payments Guaranteed - Upload your invoices and then sit back and relax while the money is deposited into your account

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What is TraveLab?

TraveLab is the first and only comprehensive solution for travel professionals and companies who create bespoke personalized travel experiences.

What can I do with it?

You focus on generating fabulous original travel experiences based on your clients preferences, the system will do the rest. TraveLab can book flights, hotels and all other vendors and confirm, verify and manage all operations generated by the experience you created. In the very near future you’ll also be able to globally connect and collaborate with other travel professionals and companies like yourself to maximize reach and profit.

Anything New?

OMG yes! While there are platforms that provide some of the tools needed to create a personalized travel experience, none tackle the challenge of doing everything in a single place. Most importantly, there is no other existing tool that turns you and your company into great storytellers – only TraveLab.

How does it work?

TraveLab is built on the integration of three portals providing a meeting place for Travellers, Travel Professionals and Vendors. Your clients provide their travel preferences via a smart ML/AI questionnaire. You confidently build a life changing travel experience for them based on their profile via a drag and drop interface. While you focus on building the experience, the system aggregates all the elements and action items required for production and rids you of the grunt work.

What is the challenge for Travel Professionals/Companies like me?

Think how many different platforms are required to produce a single travel experience. How long it takes to book and confirm vendors and micro experiences, how many emails, phone calls and text messages to make sure everything is in place. Now imagine all of that taking place within a single platform. And the cherry on top? You’ll have the data to understand exactly who your client is and what moves them.

Do I need this?

YES! While we may be biased, the data proves it will save you a ton of time which means you’ll be able to dramatically increase your productivity and we all know what that means. (Hint: increased productivity = higher output = more $) Did we mention that your time will now be spent on discovering and creating new content instead of managing logistics? Give us a few minutes of your time and you’ll probably ask yourself: where have you been all my life?

Any other interesting features you added?

We’ve added a powerful B2B engine so you can collaborate with a global network of Travel Professionals and companies like you. This feature will instantly make you part of a global community, allowing users to leverage its knowledge to maximize profit.

Can you show me the solution in action?

Yes we can. Send us an mail requesting a demo. We’d love to show you what we’ve created!

Why are you better?

We all started as storytellers in the travel industry. Our team has more than 50 years of experience in producing bespoke experiences for the widest range of audiences. Simply put, no one loves our industry like us while at the same time possessing an intimate knowledge of all its inefficiencies. Oh…and did we mention that we are an all in one platform?

Who is it for?

Travel Professionals, Tour Guides, Destination Management Companies, Destination Marketing Organizations, Host Agencies, Travel and Tourism Boards.

Can I try it?

You sure can! Ask to join our early adopters program below.

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